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Expanded Stainless Steel

Product Overview

Qinghe can provide stainless steel expanded metal which is a product made from a high-quality sheet of stainless steel, it is uniformly slit and stretched.

This process forms different hole shaped openings in the sheet, allowing for the passage of light, air, heat and sound. The strands and bonds of the bindings add strength and rigidity plus resist unraveling. The one-piece construction of stainless steel expanded metal will hold its shape for many years under normal conditions.

Qinghe offer stainless steel expanded metal in a variety of patterns, including standard (raised), flattened, diamond, square, round, hexagonal, architectural and decorative, in a variety of gauges, opening sizes, materials, sheet sizes and finishes. Our product with stands corrosive atmospheres and rigorous elements like grease, oil and cleaning solutions, and it requires very little maintenance.


– AISI302

– AISI304

– AISI304L

– AISI304H

– AISI310

– AISI316

– AISI316L

– AISI430



– Economical

– Durable

– Versatile

– Easy to install

– Low resistance to wind loads

Expand the Metal, and our Limitation

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